Professional team
Johnny Cui
Founder of Johnny Cui Law Firm

Lawyer Johnny Cui has obtained a bachelor's degree in law from Nanjing University and an MBA degree from the Swiss School of Management. He also obtained the "Introduction to American Law" training course certificate issued by the University of Pennsylvania Law School.


Lawyer Johnny Cui focuses on cross-border M&A, investment and trade legal affairs between China-ASEAN enterprises. Including GOLDENHOME and LEEDARSON, he has undertaken legal projects for a number of listed companies and industry leading companies in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and investments in the ASEAN region.

In December 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Na Min-soon, chairman of the Association of ASEAN Chain Enterprises, awarded lawyer Johnny Cui a certificate of appointment. Lawyer Johnny Cui served as the China Legal Affairs Consultant of ASEAN Chain Enterprise Association, providing legal services for ASEAN companies in their business projects in China.

In September 2018, at the 26th China International Trade Fair hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China, the first ASEAN Forum Organizing Committee awarded Johnny Cui the "One Belt and One Road" ASEAN Young Leader Award.

At the same time, lawyer Johnny Cui taught "Legal Practice Series Courses" for Xiamen University Law School, and "Law Overview in Southeast Asia" for Xiamen University School of International Relations.