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To carry out overseas commercial projects, we should investigate the political, economic, cultural, legal, tax, religious and other core practices of the host country, evaluate and prevent possible transaction risks. In addition to the conventional field of overseas investment and trade, special enterprises such as listed companies also need to entrust a lawyer institution to conduct due diligence and issue legal opinions on overseas companies held by Listed Companies in the aspects of private placement and public issuance of convertible bonds at the request of regulatory authorities.

Entrusted by A-share listed company, Ericsson Co., Ltd., it provided due diligence services such as Thai rules of origin, US GSP treatment to Thailand and US rules of origin recognition for its LED production base project in Thailand

Entrusted by the gold cabinet of A-share listed company, conducted feasibility study and due diligence legal services for its application for FBL (foreign investment permit) in Thailand

Entrusted by Changhong Technology Co., Ltd., A-share listed enterprise, it conducted due diligence on its Philippine factory and issued a legal opinion for its public issuance of convertible bonds