Company profile
Qinshi law firm is located in the beautiful sea garden city
Xiamen, China
Qinshi law firm is a firm focusing on the relationship between China and ASEAN countries
Professional legal service organization for cross-border investment, M & A and trade affairs
Senior lawyer team

The law firm was founded in May 2020 in Xiamen, China, by a team of senior lawyers who have been engaged in cross-border legal affairs between China and ASEAN for many years. Professionals from law firms and accounting firms from ASEAN countries were recruited as ASEAN legal and fiscal affairs consultants of the law firm to provide systematic legal services for cross-border M & A, investment and trade affairs of Chinese enterprises in Southeast Asian countries.

Lawyer Cui Shu, founder of the law firm

Lawyer Cui Shu, the founder of the law firm, was employed as the legal adviser of the ASEAN Chain Enterprise Association / ASEAN Enterprise Summit Forum headquartered in Malaysia in 2017 to provide legal services for ASEAN enterprises in China. Qinshi law firm has set up offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Mangu to provide customers with Chinese, English, Malay Thai and other multilingual legal services. Qinshi law firm is committed to providing customers with high-quality China ASEAN cross-border business legal services.