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ASEAN Investment

One belt, one road, is becoming more and more popular. China's enterprises are increasingly keen on investing in ASEAN countries. At the regulatory level of foreign direct investment, overseas investment by Chinese enterprises needs to be approved by the commerce department for overseas investment, approved or filed by the development and reform department for overseas investment projects, and bank foreign exchange registration. As a state-owned enterprise, overseas investment also needs to be reported to the superior property right unit and the state-owned assets supervision department performing the responsibilities of the investor according to the articles of association and local state-owned assets supervision regulations. In the landing country review, the access of foreign-invested industries will be reviewed in combination with domestic laws and regulations, including but not limited to investment list screening, equity ratio setting of foreign enterprises (or foreign natural persons), real estate acquisition conditions, etc.

Provide special legal services for cross-border investment such as due diligence, feasibility study, equity structure design, company establishment, compliance suggestions, customs and tax dispute settlement for cross-border investment projects of Freund diapers in Thailand.

Provide full legal services for Southeast Yandu's acquisition of 45% equity of Guanyan garden in Malaysia and the expansion of bird's nest base in Malaysia.