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ASEAN Investment

In the context of the deepening of "One Belt and One Road" cooperation, Chinese enterprises are increasingly favoring investment in ASEAN countries.In terms of the supervision of foreign direct investment, Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment needs to go through three major links: the approval of overseas investment by the commerce department, the approval or filing of overseas investment projects by the development and reform department, and the bank’s foreign exchange registration. If it is a state-owned enterprise, the overseas investment also needs to go through the procedures of filing and approval with the SASAC.In the review process of the landing country, it is necessary to review the access of the invested industry in accordance with the local laws and regulations of the country, including but not limited to the screening of the investment list, the setting of the equity ratio of foreign companies (or foreign natural persons), and the conditions for obtaining real estate, etc.

Appointed by XMXYG CORPORATION, an A-share listed company, to provide permanent legal counsel for its investment and construction of supply chain project in Vietnam.

Provide full legal services for Southeast Yandu's acquisition of 45% equity of Guanyan garden in Malaysia and the expansion of bird's nest base in Malaysia.

Entrusted by Huazhu Industrial, to provide special legal services for its construction of Sangqian Industrial Park in Shan State, Myanmar, including drafting and revising the cooperation contract with the government of the Fourth Special Administrative Region of Eastern Shan State, setting up negotiation plans, project demonstration and risk prevention, etc.