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Cross border film and television

In recent years, while domestic dramas such as the biography of Zhen Huan and the list of Langya continue to go out, overseas films and film and television investment institutions also continue to flow into China's huge film and television market. Whether Chinese film and television companies "go global" or "introduce" overseas film and television institutions, they need to fully understand the special provisions and licensing system of cross-border film and television authorities at home and abroad. The legal issues involved in cross-border film and television projects, such as intellectual property protection and derivatives development, will be more complex and cumbersome than films produced solely in China

Provide comprehensive legal services such as investigation of foreign investment access system in the film and television industry, investigation of incentive policies of the Thai film board, protection of derivatives rights and interests for the cinema film guaitu (starring Ren Dahua), which is expected to start shooting in October 2021.

Provide special legal services such as intellectual property protection for the film and television co production project of "century popcorn" and iqiyi, a well-known film and television company in Malaysia

In order to win the "most anticipated Animation Award of the year" of the 28th Golden Rooster Film Festival, the animation film of the representative project of China Malaysia animation film and television cooperation "peacock king" (expected to be launched on the National Day in 2022), we provide the whole process cross-border legal services such as intellectual property protection scheme design, contract drafting and review