ASEAN and EU conclude the world's first "group to group" air transport agreement

time:2021-08-13 writer:ASEAN Secretariat

June 4, 2021 - the association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the European Union (EU) and their Member States concluded negotiations on the ASEAN EU comprehensive air transport agreement (AE CATA) at the ASEAN EU special senior officials meeting. The meeting of transport officials was actually held on 2 June.

AE cata is the first inter group air transport agreement in the world, which will promote the interconnection and economic development between ASEAN and the 37 member states of the EU. According to the agreement, ASEAN and EU airlines will have more opportunities to operate passenger and freight services between and outside the two regions. ASEAN and EU airlines will be able to provide any number of flights between the two regions. In addition, airlines can provide up to 14 passenger services per week, as well as any number of cargo services, stopping in any third country.

The agreement will help rebuild air connectivity between ASEAN and Europe, which has been hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic, and open up new growth opportunities for the aviation industry in the two regions. The two sides expressed their intention to maintain close discussion and coordination in order to minimize the interference of the pandemic on air services.

The pace leading agreement reflects the latest policy ideas of Air Transport Supervision, including strong fair competition provisions and business issues. More importantly, AE cata has laid the foundation for closer cooperation between ASEAN and EU in the fields of aviation safety, air traffic management, consumer protection, environmental and social affairs. This deeper cooperation builds on existing initiatives, such as the EU enhanced ASEAN regional integration support (arise plus) plan on technical assistance and capacity-building; EU Southeast Asia cooperation to mitigate the impact of civil aviation on climate change: International Aviation carbon offset and emission reduction plan (eu-sea CCCA corsia) to support the implementation of corsia;

Datuk Lin Yuhai, Secretary General of ASEAN, said: "In 2020, with us $10.5 billion in foreign direct investment inflows and US $226.2 billion in trade in goods, the EU has become the third largest source of investment and the third largest trading partner for ASEAN. AE cata will significantly strengthen the air connectivity between ASEAN and Europe and make the two regions more closely linked. This will enable them to obtain more economic benefits."

Meanwhile, ADINA V, EU Commissioner for transport ă Ms. lean said: "The signing of the first 'group to Group' air transport agreement in history marks an important milestone in the EU's foreign aviation policy. It provides our European airlines and industry with the basic guarantee of fair competition, and strengthens the mutually beneficial prospect of trade and investment in some of the world's most dynamic markets. Importantly, this new agreement also provides us with It provides a solid platform to continue to promote high standards in safety, security, air traffic management, environment and social affairs in the future. I thank all relevant parties for their constructive attitude, which makes this historic transaction possible. "

Mr. Sun zhantuo, chairman of the ASEAN transport ministers' meeting and senior minister and Minister of public works and transport of Cambodia, said: "ASEAN appreciates this major achievement. The agreement will greatly strengthen the connectivity between ASEAN and the EU, benefit 1.1 billion people, and promote commercial, trade, tourism and cultural ties between the two regions."

ASEAN and EU will now submit AE cata for legal review in preparation for signing on a later confirmed date.