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Cross border E-commerce

Since 2016, China has signed e-commerce cooperation memorandums with many countries and established bilateral e-commerce cooperation mechanisms. The Silk Road e-commerce has become a new channel and bright spot for economic and trade cooperation, bringing new opportunities for the development of cross-border e-commerce in countries along the route.Under the influence of COVID-19, consumers' shopping patterns and needs have been changed, which has promoted the development of cross-border e-commerce, especially in the Southeast Asian market, cross-border e-commerce has achieved remarkable results. However, many cross-border e-commerce companies do not realize the role of law in cross-border trade, ignoring the legal risks in consumer rights protection, cross-border logistics, cross-border payment, taxation, etc.

It provides full legal services for a domestic Internet giant to set up an e-commerce organization NONOSTYLE (the live broadcasting association with the largest traffic in Vietnam) in Vietnam.

Provided legal advice for the infringement of the "BOLON glasses" brand on the LAZADA platform.

Provided legal services for the cooperation between YPP, a well-known e-commerce rookie in Malaysia, and Chinese cosmetics companies, including transaction framework design, contract drafting, import and export process guidance, and overseas warehouse leasing, etc.